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High Pressure Blasters

Fixed Rocker Blaster

The AVW Stainless Steel Rocker Blaster unit helps clean the toughest areas of the vehicle. Whitewalls, wheel wells, wheels, hubcaps, and rockers are given extra attention. Little space is required.
  • Rocker Cleaning
  • Wheel Cleaning
  • Pump Included
  • Helps to Remove Ice/Mud
  • Utilizes High Pressure or Volume Pumps
  • No Moving Parts
Swirling Side Blaster

The AVW swirling side blaster follows the path of the vehicle cleaning the front & rear bumpers, along with the rocker  area and side panels.It does the best cleaning on hub caps, tires, and wheel wells.
  • Optional side oscillating available.
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
  • Swirling motion for better attack angle
  • 0 degree or V-Jet oscillating nozzles
  • Less maintenance
  • Works best on hard to clean wheels
  • Cleans rockers area as much as bumpers

A = 156" (396.2cm)
B = 20.5" (52.1cm)
C = 8" (20.3cm)   

1/2" NPT

Tunnel CL =  28" from inside conveyor rail

A = 156" (396.2cm)
B = 36"  (91.4cm)
C = 12"  (30.5cm)

Motor 2 gpm    

1/2" NPT

1/4" NPT

Tunnel CL =  28" from inside conveyor rail

About AVW Equipment Company

A.V.W. Equipment Company manufactures car wash equipment, specializing in stainless steel conveyor tunnels since 1973. Due to A.V.W.'s commitment to development and design, the simplest and yet most effective car wash systems available today back up our motto: "Simplicity in Motion - Motion That Works". The stainless steel equipment is durable, reliable, appealing, and effective, providing car wash operators with high volumes of consistently clean, dry cars.


Grace for Vets Honoring All Our Service Personnel

Grace For Vets is a program that is designed to honor veterans and service personnel on Veterans’ Day by providing them with free car washes across the nation.


AVW Invented the Wrap-Arounds

A.V.W. Equipment Company re-invented and perfected the Wrap-Around that has become the standard in the car wash industry, and continues to bring the best engineering and quality to full tunnel systems.


GFV Thanks You

2011-gfv vet 2012

See the future of Belt Conveyors

Our side washers and combination units improve productivity and wash quality. And the future of conveying - belt conveyors - are available now at A.V.W. in proven, operating designs that address old issues that everyone else just accepts.