Belt Conveyors

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Designed to handle the harsh mechanical and chemical conditions unique to full, flex, and express car washes, our 4th Generation Design is the result of 45 years of car wash equipment and 20 years of car wash belt conveyor experience. They are a key ingredient to building a better car wash... higher volume, less downtime, and a better overall customer experience!

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AVW belt conveyor systems consist of a rugged steel alloy frame and polymer belts powered with a gearmotor and sprockets. Suitable for both retrofit and new construction, AVW conveyor systems are available in a wide range of standard and custom configurations and materials.

30" and 42" Dual Belt

Dual 30" and 42" conveyors are designed for more control of the vehicle when the driver is inside but less restriction on the type of vehicle being washed. When the driver activates the brakes or turns the steering wheel, nothing happens. Carrying all four tires affords more control and enhances the customer experience!

12' (144") Express Detail Belt

The 12' (144") conveyor is designed for manually working on the exterior of a vehicle (hand washing and detailing). The belt stretches the full width of a car, and then some. This allows for all doors and the trunk to be left open for vacuuming and cleaning while the car and employees remain on the belt.